Adnan Sami admits his cover as an ISI agent ‘has been blown’

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Indian singer Adnan Sami Khan admitted in a couple of tweets from a few days ago in which he jokingly admitted to being an ISI agent, after #MajorAdnanSami started trending in Pakistan and India.

Adnan Sami’s father was a Pakistani diplomat while his mother was from Indian-administered Kashmir. However, he willingly gave up his Pakistani citizenship to become an Indian and ever since, he tweets in favour of India.

After the Balakot ‘air strike’ took place, Adnan Sami tweeted in favour of Indian Prime Minister Modi by stating that ‘the force is with you’.

He was then trolled on Twitter by Pakistanis, who jokingly claimed that Adnan Sami was ISI’s agent working for Pakistan in India.

Adnan Sami got to know about the trended and jokingly accepted that he was ISI’s agent.