Abhinandan was beaten, deprived of sleep & choked during captivity: Indian media

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According to a report in The Hindustan Times, an officer part of the team debriefing Wing Commander Abhinandan Varnathan, said that the IAF pilot was subjected to torture by Pakistani interrogators who wanted to extract vital information from him.

The report quoted the official as saying that Abhinandan held back and gave nothing to his captors.

The senior official was quoted as telling The Hindustan Times that Abhinandan was choked (a form of dry waterboarding) and was made to stand as loud music was played. This was a tactic to deprive him of sleep.

The report claims that Abhinandan was interrogated about important information such as the frequencies that IAF uses to transmit messages, deployment of fighter jets and logistical arrangements.

Abhinandan was captured by security forces in Pakistan after his jet was shot down by the PAF in Azad Kashmir.

Pakistan Army personnel rescued him from the mob and took him into custody.

“Officers of the Pakistan Army are thorough gentlemen. I am very impressed by them as they are professionals and I would expect the same behavior from my army as well,” Abhinandan had said in his first video message that went viral following his capture.

Abhinandan had said that he would not change his statement after he was released and handed over to Indian authorities.

He held a cup of tea and refused to answer other questions posed to him by the Pakistani army general, telling him, ”I am sorry major, I cannot tell you this.”

He was handed over to Indian authorities after being held captive in Pakistan for 68 hours. Abhinandan was released at Wagah border one day after Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that his release was a ‘peace gesture’ towards India.