‘You can look but not touch’: Mehwish Hayat pushes Wajahat Rauf

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Pakistani director Wajahat Rauf and Mehwish Hayat filmed an episode of the ‘Voice Over Man’ and shared the teaser from her Instagram account.

Mehwish Hayat is killing it these days. Her web series Enaaya is receiving quite the response on social media and her singing prowess is also being recognized by viewers.

Recently, the actress took to her Instagram account and shared the teaser of an upcoming episode of the ‘Voice Over Man’ featuring director and writer Wajahat Rauf.

Mehwish and Rauf dance to the song Billi until Wajahat comes too close for comfort–and gets shoved.
It was scripted and all in fun though. One look at the video from Mehwish Hayat’s account and you can tell.