We stand with Khalil’s family, says Punjab Govt spokesperson

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LAHORE: We want to make one thing absolutely clear–we stand with the victim’s family, said Punjab Government’s spokesperson Shahbaz Gill, on Monday.

Speaking to media, Gill said that what had happened to Khalil was unfortunate but he wanted everyone to know that the government stood with the family of the deceased.

“Prime Minister Khan has made it clear that the government is with the family,” he said.

He revealed that the Punjab Government had facilitated a meeting between the victim’s family and members of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) at the chief minister’s house.

“Zeeshan, Khalil’s brother, is also on board,” he said in response to a question on why the victim’s brother was not present during the meeting.

Khalil’s brother Jalil said that he would meet Ijaz Shah, the head of the JIT, tomorrow (Tuesday).
“Only after the meeting we will be able to tell if we are satisfied with the government’s performance on the issue or not,” he said.

The family’s lawyer was also present and spoke to media too.

“The family has not received pressure from any quarter and Jalil will record his statement in front of the JIT tomorrow,” he said.

Four people were gunned down by police last month in Sahiwal district which included a father, his wife and daughter by officials of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD).

CTD officials claimed that they had killed an important member of Daesh in the encounter and that the suspects had fired at them first.

Eyewitnesses dispute police’s claims and state that the persons inside the vehicle did not open fire at the law enforcement personnel.