Trailer Review – Laal Kabootar

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Although every Pakistani film seems to be different from the other, they mostly fall in the rom-com category where everything that can’t happen in real life, happens. Kamal Khan’s Laal Kabootar seems to be different from whatever we have seen so far since the revival as it tackles the crime genre and comes out as a complete entertainer for those who love Anurag Kashyap’s cinema. The film’s trailer was launched earlier this week and ever since it’s unveiling, the audience is going gaga over many aspects of the two-minute trailer. Let’s analyze the positives and negatives of this Kabootar that is all set to fly in a month’s time.

The Plot

From what we have seen in the trailer, the usually dashing Ahmed Ali Akbar looks like a down-on-his-luck Karachiite who lives a miserable life and wants to escape to Dubai for a better future. Mansha Pasha’s character is the one that gives him a job without realizing that he may not be the man who would finish the task. Then there is a mysterious guy in a red cap who gets involved with these two and they ask the police for help which looks like the bad cops from an Anurag Kashyap film. Everyone seems to have a past that leads to one future and some of the guys might have to take a bullet to make that happen.

The Good

The TV actress Mansha Pasha who did her first film two years back – Chalay Thay Saath – is back on the big screen playing the lead for the first time. She looks damn hot in the film’s poster whereas de-glammed for the role of a stubborn woman who is in need of a person who can help her out, even if it means breaking the law. Ahmed Ali Akbar looks the part as well and it would be great to see the two young actors carry the film on their shoulders. There are TV veterans Rashid Farooqi and Mohammad Ahmed along with the extremely talented Ali Kazmi, Ishtiaq Rasool who will make their appearance in the film in roles in which you haven’t seen them before. The trailer keeps the audience engaged with the fast-paced narrative and one hopes that Kamal Khan’s narration will be as quick as the trailer suggests.

The Bad

Cursing may be common in Pakistani films but not in a film’s trailer as it limits the audience, even though they might enjoy the uncouth language privately. The trailer of Laal Kabootar has a few words that aren’t appropriate for YouTube audience as well as Cinema audience and because of that, some people might get hesitant while watching the trailer for the second time. Secondly, you don’t get to hear many songs which is what makes a film different from TV these days; there are a few in the background and one hopes that they release soon so that the audience gets used to them when they go into the cinema to watch the film.

The Verdict

Laal Kabootar might be something Pakistani cinema was waiting for; in a world of romcoms, it’s like a crime caper on the lines of Gangs of Wasseypur series. There is a touch of Sacred Games as well and that might be the doing of Kamal Khan who has directed many music videos before taking up film direction. The film has been produced by Hania and Kamil Cheema whereas Ali Abbas Naqvi (of Teeli fame) has written the script that follows the authentic Karachi language, hence the curse words. If Ahmed Ali Akbar’s words are to be believed, he never has had this much fun while being part of a film and he has been part of hits like Karachi Se Lahore, Ho Mann Jahaan and Parchi which all did well at the box office. Will this film meet the fate of Siyaah or become another feather in Ahmed’s cap remains to be seen. Laal Kabootar will be releasing all over Pakistan on March 22nd and will face tough competition from Project Ghazi, that is also releasing on the same date.