What we know about Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan so far

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Subsequent to the rapid action carried on by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) of shooting down two Indian aircraft after violations at Line of Control (LoC), several images are surrounding the social media soon after the incident today.

Documents and material recovered from the possession of both pilots are under the custody of security forces.

The Wing Commander of Indian Air Force Abhinandan who is the son of (Retd) Indian Air Marshal got apprehended by the security forces of Pakistan soon after his jet smashed down by the PAF in Azad Jammu Kashmir today.



Below is an old image of the arrested pilot Abhinandan which can be witnessed in a documentary in 2016, the version of which is also available on Youtube and titled as  ‘Inside India’s SU-30’

The moment Abhinandan got arrested,  important documents revealed from his possession shows that he is associated with the Indian Air Force 51 batch of squadron which is based in Srinagar.

Moreover, it must be mentioned here that the details related to the service credentials of the perpetrator can be verified on Bharat Rakshak website but at present the said database is currently inactive since this news of today’s incident spread all around.


It is pertinent to mention here that as per documents unearthed Wing Commander Abhi Nandan as per Wikipedia is based at Srinagar and is equipped with MiG21.

Some other possessions recovered from both Indian pilots including a gun along with its magazine, a booklet, glasses, damaged part of the plane


It must be mentioned here that DG ISPR has revealed during his presser today that ‘Security forces had arrested two pilots out of them one pilot is under treatment at a hospital.’

Moreover, official spokesman of Pakistan’s army has made it explicit today that ‘Pakistan can do everything but not at the cost of region’s peace.’