Text of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s policy statement on Pulwama attack

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s policy statement on Pulwama attack.

A few days ago, Pulwama…I should have responded immediately, as Pakistan was blamed for it. However, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was visiting…attention would have been diverted from the visit.

First, you have blamed Pakistan for the attack without any evidence, without even a thought as to what would Pakistan gain from it.

Would Pakistan, currently hosting such an important event, do [Pulwama] to sabotage it? How would have Pakistan benefited from it once we are moving towards stability?

We have seen 15 years of terrorism in which 70,000+ Pakistanis have periahed…terrorism is on the decline…peace is on the horizon! We wouldn’t gain anything by sponsoring such an incident.

I also want to ask India’s government: if you are stuck in the past…whenever there’s an incident in occupied Kashmir, you blame Pakistan. Instead of starting a dialogue to resolve the issue in Kashmir, you have made Pakistan the whipping boy.

I have repeatedly said that this is the new Pakistan with a new mindset and a new thought process.

It is in our interest that we don’t want anyone from outside to spread terrorism in our country or any of men from here spread terrorism in another country. We want stability.

So, today I am offering the Indian government that if it wants an investigation to probe Pakistani involvement in this, we are ready. If you have any actionable intelligence that a Pakistani was involved, give that information to us. I guarantee that I will take action. We won’t take this action because we feel pressured, we’ll do this because such persons would be enemies of Pakistan.

9. If somebody is using Pakistan’s territory for terrorism, it’s against our interest.

Also, whenever we ask India to start a bilateral dialogue, it always lays a precondition of discussing terrorism. I am telling you that we are ready to talk about terrorism. Terrorism is an issue of the entire region and we want it to end. We are ready to talk to you.

There should be a new thought process in India. It should introspect, why the youth in Indian Occupied Kashmir have reached a stage where they don’t fear death anymore? There must be some reason. Do you think one-dimensional oppression, torture and resolving issues through military is the solution? Do you think if it hasn’t worked till now, it shall work in the future?

If after 17 years the world has realized that military is not the solution in Afghanistan and only dialogue would resolve issues, should India also not discuss this?

We are listening through Indian media where politicians are shouting that Pakistan should be taught a lesson, revenge should be taken, and the attack should be avenged. Which law in the world gives power to an individual or a nation and permit them to become a judge, a jury and executioner? What justice system is this?

It is your election year and we understand that during elections you will get a boost to teach Pakistan a lesson. If you think, you would launch any attack on Pakistan and we would not think of retaliating, Pakistan will retaliate . Pakistan would not have any other choice but to respond. We know it is easy to start a war. It is in the hands of humans to start a war. However, to end war isn’t in our hands. In which direction will this go? Allah knows better.

Therefore, I hope better sense will prevail…

We hope that like Afghanistan, this issue will also be resolved through dialogue.