Sonya Hussain has an interesting exchange with Indian waiter in Dubai

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Amid the ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India, actress Sonya Hussain shared an interesting exchange she had with an Indian waiter in Dubai.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have risen ever since both countries launched air strikes in each other’s territory. Pakistan downed an IAF jet on Wednesday after it intruded once again into Pakistani territory.

There have been many calls for de-escalation from artists on both sides. In an attempt to highlight the importance of peace between India and Pakistan, actress Sonya Hussain shared a lengthy post on Instagram in which she went into detail about an interesting exchange she had with an Indian waiter in Dubai.

Sonya claimed that the waiter asked her where she was from. She replied Pakistan and inquired the same from him.

The waiter told her that he was from India and Sonya was pleasantly surprised to know that he was quite respectful of the Muslim population in India, despite being a Hindu Indian.

“He told me that when people from both faiths eat and live together then everything becomes one,” she quoted him.

“His statement actually made me smile and i realised not just us, even majority of Indians want peace.

“He added, what a pity it was that the ruling party in India, BJP Sarkar are ignorant and unpopular in their own country.

Here’s hoping that sense prevails,” she said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Thursday that Pakistan would release captured Indian pilot Abhinandan Varnathan on Friday, as a peace gesture towards India.