Saba Qamar shares details of her ‘life-changing breakup’

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Bollywood actress Saba Qamar shared details of her breakup for the first time in an exclusive interview with a leading English daily.

Saba Qamar spoke to the Express Tribune about why she chooses to remain single and avoids relationships and dating.

“I have been single since 2011 but that breakup was life-changing,” she said.

The actress then said that she had then turned to yoga in order to beat the sadness that came with it. However, it was not easy as her ex-boyfriend got into a relationship with someone else and she became jealous.

“I envied the feeling of another woman getting the same attention so much that I eventually brought it up with my yoga instructor,” she revealed.

However, her yoga instructor came up with the best possible solution, according to Saba.

“He told me that if you love him then be happy for him,” she said.

According to Saba, it was her instructor’s advice which jolted her back to reality. Saba realized that it was not love but attachment that a couple gets addicted to when they constantly talk to each other.

She thinks the younger generation is clueless about love.

“Kids these days are not able to tell between love and attachment and not being able to see that line is turning them into delusional heroes and heroines,” she said.

Saba Qamar then said that life was not as similar as it looked on-screen and that she had her flaws like everyone else.

“It’s all a big sham and life isn’t really how it looks like on the screen. I am as flawed as anyone on the street outside,” she said.

Saba Qamar said that people thought there was a ‘cue of suitors’ waiting to ask for her hand in marriage but that wasn’t the case.

“People have the impression that there’s a cue of suitors waiting to take me away but that isn’t true. I wish it was the case, but that’s painting too rosy a picture of my life,” she said.