Ranveer Singh’s over-enthusiasm to win the crowd backlashes

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Ranveer Singh has been on cloud nine at his concerts ever since he gave out a rap hit just recently, but the Gully Boy star has also been injuring and offending the crowd in the process.

A clip carrying some distasteful comments that he shouted out in excitement at Gully Boy concert has been circulating on Twitter but ended up causing part damage to his reputation.

After jumping into the crowd and injuring numerous fans in an earlier concert, the actor-turned-rapper went a little extra during a recent concert for his selection of words as he took to excite the crowd.

Here’s the specific text transcribed from the video which was later taken down by the actor’s PR.

“Bagal mein apna JJ hospital haina, saala aaj raat itna awaaz karo k wahan k sab murde jaag jaye.

Bole toh police aani mangti hai idhar, lekin fikar nahi karne ka tumhare bhai ka abhi word hai police mein bole apun bhi simmba hai baba,” which roughly translates to:

“Right next to us is JJ hospital, make so much noise that even the dead wake up. Don’t worry if the police come here, I’m Simmba anyway.”

Unfazed by the swagger, social media users took to vent out their disappointment.