PTI Sindh MPA Dewan Sachal lashes out at Shehryar Afridi

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Legislator of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Dewan Sachal slammed the Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi for his comments on religion.

MPA on his official Twitter handle said ” Strongly object to your tweet. I am a Pakistani Hindu. You bringing Religion into this is not ON.”

He added in his tweet that “It doesn’t reflect on Hindus. It reflects on Indians.”

“As my Minister of Interior you need to choose your words more carefully”, Sachal added in his tweet.

Recently, in response to the Indian stance of removing the portraits of Imran Khan from different clubs, removing songs of our singers etc our Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi has said on his Twitter handle that:

“Removing pic of greatest all rounder IK from club, removing songs of Pak singers, not telecasting PSL and not to shaking hand with Anwar Mansoor by Deepak Mital in court reflects difference of values and norms we have learnt and earned in 70 years.”

Afridi added in his tweet that “We reflect hallmark of our religion and national character.”