PTI minister defends Hajj subsidy withdrawal

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi on Saturday defended his government’s decision regarding complete withdrawal of subsidy given on Hajj pilgrimage.

Taking to Twitter, Ali Zaidi said that no government had ever given subsidy on Hajj except the previous PML-N government.

He said that the Hajj subsidy was an attempt by the PML-N to try to win the elections.
“We are in debt up to our necks,” he said.

The minister said that the government’s priority should be to feed the poor, fix hospital, help orphans and provide drinking water.

He then asked if Hajj was ever allowed on a loan.

The minister also endorsed calls for banning ministers and government officials for offering Hajj or Umrah at the cost of government of Pakistan.

“I also strongly propagate that NO MINISTER or GOVT OFFICIAL should go for HAJ or UMRAH at the cost of the Govt of Pakistan.”