Giving NRO equivalent to treason, disloyalty: PM Khan

Efforts underway to reclaim all encroached land, says PM

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the 10 billion trees campaign called ‘Plant for Pakistan’ with an intent to tackle the issues of climate change and environment protection.

Speaking at the event in Baloki, Imran said that the way weather is getting hot with every passing day, if not controlled then it will make the lives of people difficult to reside here.

PM said that the forest lands have been encroached upon to a large extend, adding the most polluted cities in the world are Lahore and Delhi.

“We are striving harder to protect this country from the corrupt elements,” Khan said. “Our youth must come forward and put an end to the cutting of trees. Pakistan is ranked 8th in the list of highly polluted countries of the world.”

“Pakistan is one of the most susceptible countries in the world to be affected by global warming. We need to act now and we need to help make the government’s mission to make Pakistan green,” he said.

Khan said that PTI government had planted over 1 billion and 18 crore trees in KP, now PTI Government will plant 10 Billion trees in all provinces of Pakistan under the #TenBillionTreeTsunami Afforestation campaign.

Few hours before inaugurating this campaign, Imran on his official Twitter handle said that “We are launching our Plant for Pakistan programme and will reclaim all the land encroached by mafia.”

He added in his tweet that ‘The reclaimed land will be converted into forests and wild life parks for our future generations to fight with climate change and pollution.”

This initiative of Imran Khan will be effective in terms of environment protection and in the development of wild life parks across the country.

It must be mentioned here that it is the vision of PM to plant 10 billion trees in five years