Pitbull not to perform in PSL 2019 opening ceremony

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DUBAI: American rapper Pitbull who was due to arrive at the opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League (PSL) today has apologized to cricket fans as he is unable to perform.

Rapper on his official Twitter handle posted an apology video where he says “He was very excited to perform at the PSL opening ceremony but as it was a very long flight and pilot took the plane for test flight. The moment he landed back, pieces of engine had come a part.”

“I apologize and deeply apologize, hope to see you guys next year” Pitbull added in his video message.

The official Twitter handle of PSL also tweeted:

A mesmerizing opening ceremony of PSL will set the stage on fire today by the exciting and enthralling performances of Junoon Band and popular disco bands Boney M.

Moreover, Fawad Khan will sing the theme song. Young Desi, Aima Baig and Shuja Haider also look to light up the start of the fourth season of the PSL subsequent to the display of fire works.