‘Mind your language’: Reporter gives Fahad Mustafa the shut up call

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KARACHI: A SAMAA TV reporter gave Fahad Mustafa the shut up call after the actor responded rudely to him during a press conference, on Saturday.

The incident occurred during a Karachi Kings presser when Fahad Mustafa was taking questions. Shoaib Jatt, a SAMAA TV reporter, asked him a question and by mistake referred to the TV show host as ‘Fawad’.

“Fawad kaun hai bhai?” (Who is Fawad?) said Fahad, interrupting the reporter.

“Fahad,” the reporter corrected himself.

“Isi liye toh tum logon ko salary nahi milti,” (This is why you people don’t get paid) snapped Fahad.

The reporter then went on to correct Fahad Mustafa by pointing out to him that had he read something on cricket, he wouldn’t have made a wrong comment about Mohammad Amir.

Fahad Mustafa then urged the organizers to turn off the reporter’s microphone. The reporter wouldn’t have it and started calling out Fahad for his behaviour.

Beta mudday pe ao na ap,” (Son, you should ask questions about the relevant topic) said Fahad.

Beta na bolo, mind your language,” (Don’t call me son, mind your language) the reporter shot back.

“Parai shaadi may aakay barbaadi kerte ho na tum log,” (You people come to others’ weddings and then ruin everything) said Fahad. “You can ask your question.”

The reporter took the microphone and said, “Shaadi ki hoti toh tumhe pata hota” (You would’ve known had you gotten married) shot back the reporter.

This is not the first time that Fahad Mustafa has been called out for his bad behaviour. He had previously ridiculed a girl on national TV who had showed up at his show and made a sketch of the Actor-in-Law star.

Fahad had ridiculed her sketch and told her never to draw again.

His reaction kicked up quite a storm on social media and several schools offered scholarships to the girl who was humiliated by Mustafa.