I’ve always found success in choices that weren’t safe: Shahid Kapoor

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Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor remained a chocolate boy on the screens for quite some time following advices to play safe, the actor now shares he found success in choices that were unconventional and risky.

“Everybody always wants you to make a safe choice because the profession in itself is so unpredictable. But I’ve always found success in choices that weren’t safe. Answers came to me. You have to try with full conviction, no matter what the end result is,” Shahid told PTI.

“Swimmers who swim against the tide would be stronger than the ones who swim with it. It’s just about getting an equal shot sometimes and then you’ll know who’s the strongest swimmer,” he said at the launch of Marks & Spencer’s new spring-summer collection on Thursday.

Shahid shared how he decided to step out of his comfort zone and discover what he is capable of.

“I don’t know how much I was thinking in the first few years of my career to say I had to ‘rethink’ at some point. But I discovered myself over time. I backed myself to do content that personally excited me.

The selection of role, to him, became a challenge as the actor had to put thought into what people want to see and at the same time trying to cater to yourself as an artiste.

“The trick is to always delve within and find out what drives you. I don’t think you can do great work for a long time if you’re not driven. The work that you do has to enrich you. You don’t grow otherwise.

“I do feel, today there’s a thin line between what actors want to do and what people want to see, and that’s overlapping. Which is very healthy,” he added.

Shahid, father of two, will next star in Kabir Singh, a remake of the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy.