Isolation what? 10 reasons why India desperately needs Burnol…

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India needs Burnol, period. The country is up in flames, not literally, thank God (or that would also be somehow Pakistan’s fault).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the product (you must be living under a rock or something) Burnol is used to treat burn wounds, injuries, abrasions and cuts. No wonder India needs it desperately given how Pakistan is making headlines around the world for all the right reasons.

So we came up with a list of reasons as to why India needs Burnol and needs it bad!

1. The US is looking towards Pakistan to solve its mess in Afghanistan

That’s right. Gone are the ‘Do More’ days when the US pushed Pakistan to push the Taliban against the wall. Now, they need us to bring them to the table. This has made Pakistan a very important player in the region and India can’t help but watch from the sidelines.

2. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s visit

“We cannot say no to Pakistan, consider me Pakistan’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia,” said Mohammad bin Salman recently when he came to Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia has not once hesiated in bailing out Pakistan from its economic crisis and the past few months ever since Imran Khan became the country’s chief executive since August.

Not only has the kingdom generously provided us grants and aids but it has also decided to sign investment deals and MoUs amounting to $20 billion.

3. The Masood Azhar setback

Despite efforts from India, it cannot have Masood Azhar declared a global terrorist. This is because China always blocks it as it is a veto-weilding UN Security Council member.

Ouch. That HAS to hurt…

4. The Nuclear Suppliers Group

The elite 48-member nation group controls nuclear trade worldwide. India has been seething in anger as China has always blocked India’s bid to join the club since it is a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This again takes away India’s wishes to have one up on Pakistan. Too bad…

5. The Kashmir blunder

India doesn’t realize that in its bid to isolate Pakistan, it is not paying attention to its own follies. The youth population in Kashmir is increasingly becoming hostile as India continues to make life hell for them.

The murder of freedom fighter Burhan Wani and further hostilities in the valley have had negative repercussions for the Indian Army and the nation itself.

The people of occupied Kashmir have started opposing the Indian forces more than ever as a result of India’s foolish policies.

6. The Kartarpur move

Pakistan has been extending a hand of friendship to India for many years now but our neighbour’s petty mindedness has always held sway over their desire for peace.

The Kartarpur Corridor initiative by Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government of Pakistan was a masterful stroke that demonstrated that Pakistan wanted peace with India and desired inter-faith harmony.

Sidhu’s arrival and well wishes for Prime Minister Khan also won over a majority of India’s Sikh population towards Pakistan’s peaceful designs.

7. No more militancy…

Credit goes to Pakistan Army and security forces for breaking the backs of militants through efficient military operations. Tourism, trade and sports are once again flourishing in Pakistan. Gone are the bad days, its the dawn of a new era as peace has once again prevailed in our urban and remote areas.

Of course India can’t handle it…

8. Business is good and may about to get better

The climate for investment in Pakistan is now and international players are realizing this. Air France and British Airways are about to resume operations in the country.

9. The PSL is back and better than ever

Only three years old, the PSL has already gained traction with cricket fans across the globe. Its following has swelled to millions over the years and according to some reports, it is the biggest cricket league after the IPL.

Imagine what will be the case when the entire tournament and its foreign cricketers play throughout the month in Pakistan.

India, we’re catching on and there’s nothing you can do about it…

10. Tourism and the word of international bloggers

International bloggers Eva Zu Beck & Trevor James, musicians Akon and Akcent as well as football stars Figo, Ronaldinho and Kaka have visited Pakistan or may do so in the coming years.
This has improved Pakistan’s perception around the globe and eased security fears of the millions who associated Pakistan with terrorism.