Investigators training to start in judicial academies, says CJP

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ISLAMABAD: Training of investigation officers and prosecutors must be carried out in the specific judicial academies throughout the country for making it more professional, Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa said this yesterday.

CJP chairing the meeting of the commission said that “The system needs to provide the truthful evidence and the apprehension of false evidence be totally eliminated.”

It is important for the the agencies involved in probe of different cases that they should formulate such effective mechanisms where not only the offenders identity is ascertained but they need to be convicted under the relevant provisions of the law.

During the meeting important issues were in limelight including the implementation of public complaints redressal mechanism, the ways through which the process of investigation be made more accurate and the criminal justice reforms.

The meeting was attended by Inspector Generals of Police (IGPs) of all provinces.