Indian anchor tries to embarrass Pakistan, gets humiliated by his own analyst

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Indian anchor Rahul Kanwal tried to embarrass and ‘expose’ lies by Pakistan but ended up getting owned on national TV by his own analyst!

As one can see in the video clip, the Indian anchor says that Pakistan lied about downing an Indian MiG jet. He claims that Pakistan released pictures of its own F-16 which had been shot to the ground by the Indian Air Force.

He tries to add credibility to his point by claiming that a piece of metal found from the wrecked plane is only found in an F-16 jet instead of the MiG that Pakistan had shot to the ground.

He turns to his analyst to back him up but that does not happen. The Indian analyst, who clearly knows more about combat aircraft than Rahul, embarrasses him by telling the Indian journalist to his face that he has his facts wrong and that indeed was an Indian MiG shot down by Pakistan Air Force.