Here’s all you need to know about Aurat March 2019

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I had the most satisfying Careem ride of my life today– neither was there a discount coupon nor a surprise encounter with a celebrity. It was my first ride with a lady captain.

While I was looking forward to having a chat with a Careem captain for the first time, she was already on a call, answering the many concerns that may pop in one’s mind, how disturbed she is with her family criticising about her returning home late.

One can only assume that they understand the kind of challenges, restrictions, or torments a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother goes through.

Taking gist of the prevailing challenges a woman faces, Aurat March is a women empowerment movement that has much more than just peace rallies, raising awareness placards or sloganeering for women equality in a patriarchal society.

Here is what’s more to Aurat March:

They’re great listeners and counsellors 

It’s not elitist

There’s a lot to responsibilities when you set foot in acquainting women of their worth and capabilities.

Again, it’s not just slogans or placards…

Appreciate the many iron women of our society

Demand unserved justice


The great part is, women are already aware. The past week has been a pride to see how women are aware of where they stand and what needs to be changed as Aurat March 2019 nears.

“Tell us why you will be joining us. Tell us about your struggles and your dreams. Tell us what you march for,” the official Twitter account of Aurat March posted.


They condemn wars

They don’t just walk out of some man-hating phase

Speaking out for women’s right to their respective city, and seeking economic, reproductive, and environmental justice does not mean that feminism is an all-in-all a misandrist move.

They know what they’re doing 

Aurat March was a great success last year and the team was as impressive during the Pashtun long march last year in Karachi.

If you’re wondering what happened to #KhaanaKhudGaramKarLo from the last march.