Campaign takes jibe at sexist jokes as International Women’s Day surfaces

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KARACHI: A research and publication center in a specified move to highlight awareness of gender equality and women’s development has kick-started a campaign to create awareness and zero tolerance for sexist jokes and related dialogue at all forums, marking International Women’s Day.

Under the auspices of Uks, the campaign #NOTFUNNY is intended to provoke intolerance to sexist and misogynistic jokes, putting forth that women speaking out shouldn’t be belittled for the sake of entertainment.

“Through this campaign, Uks is paying its tribute to each and every woman who has stood up against gender inequality and/or fights for her or other women’s rights,” says a press release.

A panel discussion ‘This is not funny’ held in wake of the campaign, stressed upon the normalcy of sexist and misogynistic humour in the mainstream media as well as social media.

The think-tank emphasized that the campaign can create a difference only on reaching people from all walks of life.

“The campaign aims at raising awareness on everyday sexism, encourage everyone to share experiences, bringing together men and women, differentiate good humour from bad/sick humour and satire and build up a case against sexism in a manner that it becomes inarguable.”