Asad Umar dismisses reports govt impeding PayPal’s entry into Pakistan

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PESHAWAR: Finance Minister Asad Umar has dismissed reports that the PTI government was blocking PayPal’s entry into Pakistani market.

While addressing a news conference at Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday, Finance Minister Umar said he was aware of the PayPal being an excellent source of income for Pakistani youngsters who work from home.

“They face immense difficulties without PayPal or any effective online payment system,” he said, adding that talks with the online payment giant had been under way.

“I have taken the initiative myself and sent a message to PayPal CEO that this was important and I was willing to fly to America to hold a meeting,” Umar added.

He also dismissed reports that accused PTI government of hindering PayPal’s entry into the Pakistani market.

“PayPal is not stopped on my desk, the State Bank or in any other government institution. We are actually chasing PayPal. I took this even though this issue is not directly related to me,” Umar said.