All set for polio vaccine campaign in Karachi

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Karachi: Injectable polio vaccine campaign to be launched in Karachi from 18th February to 26th February 2019 , said Umar Farooq Bullo, Coordinator EOC Sindh.

The campaign will be conducted in 106 Union Councils of Karachi in across 10 towns and the total target is 1483602 from 4 months to 5 years of age- Coordinator EOC Sindh 1548297 Children from 0-5 years of age will also be given the oral polio vaccine during this campaign- Coordinator EOC Sindh.

IPV is not a replacement for OPV but is an additional vaccine for building immunity for children against the polio virus-Umar Farooq Bullo, Coordinator EOC Sindh. IPV and OPV given together provide better protection for children, IPV is also part of routine immunization- Coordinator EOC Sindh

The Emergency Operation Centre for polio will launch an Inactivated Polio Vaccine campaign in 106 union councils of Karachi from the 18th February to the 26th of February 2019 and the campaign will aim to give approximately 1.48 million children injections to protect them against the deadly polio virus. 1.52 million children will also be given OPV during this campaign.

Coordinator EOC Sindh, Umar Farooq Bullo has said that “the situation of polio in Sindh and its city of Karachi has greatly improved and in 2018 only 1 polio case was reported which is a historical low.”

More than 2000 fixed and outreach sites will be established in 106 union councils of the city where parents will bring their children from the age of 4 months to 5 years to give them injections to save them from polio, meanwhile 1.52 million children from 0 to 5 years of age will also be given the Oral Polio Vaccine at these sites.

The government machinery including Deputy Commissioners, District Health Officials and Town Health Officers will be implementing this campaign on the ground and there will be a high level of monitoring from EOC and partner staff.

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