Ali Zafar responds to Ranveer Singh’s tweet on captured Indian pilot Abhinandan

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Shortly after Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the release of captured Indian pilot Abhinandan, sing and actor Ali Zafar responded to his Indian counterpart Ranveer Singh on Twitter.

Abhinandan, a wing commander of Indian Air Force, was taken into custody after his military plane was shot down by PAF in Azad Kashmir.

The pilot was filmed telling Pakistani troops that he was being looked after well.

“As a goodwill gesture, we are releasing the Indian pilot tomorrow,” Imran Khan told a joint sitting of the Parliament that was convened to mull over the increasing tension with India.

“Braveheart Wing Commander Abhinandan, India is with you,” Raneer Singh tweeted hours after Pakistan announced his arrest.

Ali Zafar tagged Ranveer Singh on Twitter, saying that the Indian pilot would be with India soon.

“And soon he will be with India and his family back home,” Zafar said.