WhatsApp introduces new ‘voice typing’ feature

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WhatsApp has introduced an all new ‘voice typing’ feature which will enable users to dictate their messages rather than have to type them.

Many people simply loathe typing. Well, WhatsApp may just have found the cure for those who are at times too lazy to type or are on the go and hate to punch in the keys to convey a message.

The application’s new ‘Voice typing’ feature allows users to dictate their message using the microphone in the app as opposed to writing it by punching in the keys.

The voice typing feature has been made available to both iOS and Android users. For iOS users, the icon is present in the bottom right while for Android users can find the mic icon just above the keyboard.

The feature may be a new one for WhatsApp but not for Smartphone users. Users have been using Google Assistant and Siri to dictate voice messages.

A little problem arises when you have to put in the punctuation marks as the feature types the full word that is said. However, it assists in longer messages.

Messages are sent only when the user presses the send button.