Virk challenges Cynthia to report him to FIA

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Twenty-four hours later of exchanging peace-making tweets after a Twitter spat between social media activist Farhan Virk and self-proclaimed filmmaker Cynthia D. Ritchie divided the social media— the feud took an ugly form.

Cynthia D Ritchie is popular on social media for portraying Pakistan’s soft image. However, her opinions towards the society ignited a tirade against a couple of journalists for misinterpreting her intention and referring to Cynthia as a ‘shady operative’ who arrived in Pakistan and declared herself as resident expert on Islam by making a negative statement against Ahmadis.

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Looking at Farhan Virk’s recent take with controversial retweets raising finger at Cynthia’s intention behind promoting the soft image of Pakistan, it’s apparent the doctor didn’t really apologize to make peace.

Virk maintained his gybe against Cynthia and continued to throw shade over her with controversial retweets aimed against her.

Taking cognizance of the situation, Cynthia unleashed another canon last night (Wednesday) and threatened to report him to FIA.

“I am reporting Farhan Virk to the @FIA_Pakistan under cybercrimes act. Thank you to those who have taken screen shots. I will be pursing all legal means against this harassment case. It’s shame a random person I don’t even know has suddenly began this weird obsession tirade,” Cynthia tweeted on Thursday.


A few users did pool in to undo the damage.

In a retaliatory response, Virk also grabbed his armour and challenged her to report against him, claiming that cyber regulatory bodies don’t attempt against you on basis of screenshots of older tweets.

“She’s more than welcome to take me to FIA, I will pursue this matter,” he said in a recent video message and called her out for threatening the nationals on defending the constitution.

Farhan Virk, a social media celebrity (of sorts) in Pakistan known for operating various fake accounts, trolling the PTI’s opponents and harbouring jingoistic opinions.

The Twitter spat between the two initiated after Cynthia had verbally abused The Daily Times journalist Raza Rumi on social media for wrongly framing her in an opinion piece, to which, Virk sprung to play his part.

He even recorded a ridiculous video in which he urged Pakistanis to dissociate themselves from Cynthia as ‘We (Pakistanis) despite our difference of opinion with each other, should not allow a foreigner to abuse one of us,” further raging over her opinion regarding the Basphemy Law in the country.