TV shows which will keep your eyes glued to the screen in 2019

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2018 almost feels like a distant memory. But the year was particularly memorable for tv shows. From the groundbreaking interactive Black Mirror film to the engrossing Sacred Games – we all binge watched our favorite tv shows on those weekend nights. 2018 certainly set the bar high, so, what does 2019 hold for us? Let us find out.

1. True Detective

If sorrow, bleakness and melancholy are themes that speak to you, then look no further than True Detective. The first season of the show aired on HBO in 2014 and was immediately met with widespread critical acclaim. The season’s storyline, themes, and socio-political commentary left us all in awe.

The antics of Rust Cohle left us with our mouths opened throughout the course of the show. Oh, and the way, the manner in which solve the murder mystery in the end is hands down one of the greatest moments in the history of crime drama television. I will just leave it here with one of Cohle’s most memorable lines:

2. Game of Thrones–Season Finale

Can a must watch list be complete without the mentioning of arguably the greatest fantasy tv show of all time? GoT makes one last appearance on the big screen. Ever since news broke out that Season 8 will be out soon, fans have begun counting days. The series has captivated people of all ages; what sets the show apart is its appeal to both the conventional audience and the ones who are into sword wielding heroes fighting dragons and cadavers.

As the curtain falls, GoT’s season finale promises to tie all loose ends – the fates of the Lannisters, the Targaryens, and the Starks will all be revealed.

3. Mind Hunter

If you are remotely interested in serial killers or the circumstances that leads a person to become a cold, insensitive killer, you will fall in love with this show. Touted as the most meticulously crafted show on serial killers, Mind Hunter chronicles events that lead people to spiral into decadence and commit atrocities.

The first season was notable in that it featured one of America’s most notorious serial killers – Ed Kemper. The 6 feet tall recluse gives detectives a dive into his life and what transpired him to take the left-hand path. Needless to say, it is an illuminating watch and the second season promises to be even more sinister in its undertones.