Then and now: 7 pics that capture Sara Ali Khan’s shocking weight loss

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To get to where she is, the diva has worked really hard, especially on herself. Sara Ali weighed 96 kilograms and it seemed that she would never be able to make it big in the film industry owing to her weight.

However, she took it upon herself to bring her weight down through rigorous exercise and dieting which ultimately led to her weight decreasing.

Here are seven photos from before and after Sara Ali Khan lost weight.

According to the actress, the lowest point of her life was when she was picked up by her mother from the airport and she was unable to recognize Sara.

The actress then resolved to cut down on her unhealthy food habits and exercise regularly to cut weight.

Just in case you also want to slim down like her, here is the actress’ diet plan…

Breakfast – Egg whites and toast or idlis
Lunch – Chapatis, daal, vegetables, salad, and fruits
Snacks – Upma (Savory vegetable semolina)
Dinner – A light dinner with chapatis and green veggies
Pre-workout – Muesli or oats with fruits
Post-Workout – Protein shake, tofu, salad or legumes