Sahiwal killings: PM promises exemplary punishment, police reforms

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan pledged that that he would make sure all those responsible for the Sahiwal’s encounter would be given an exemplary punishment.

Four people, including husband and wife and their teenage daughter, were killed when a team of counter-terrorism force opened fire on a car in broad daylight in Sahiwal on Saturday.

The victims, all from Lahore, were going to Burewala to attend a wedding.

The CTD personnel who took part in the staged encounter were detained and an FIR was lodged against them.

Ahead of his two-day visit to Qatar, Premier Khan took  to Twitter to reassure the nation of his commitment to punish the guilty.

“The grief & anger of the ppl of Pak on Sahiwal incident is understandable & justified,” Khan wrote, adding: “I assure the nation that when I return from Qatar not only will the guilty be given exemplary punishment but I will review the entire structure of Punjab police & start process of reforming it.”

Yesterday, Punjab government announced a financial compensation of Rs20 million for the heirs of the victims.

On Sunday, Khan said that he was shocked at the tragic killing of four people in front of their children.

“Still shocked at seeing the traumatized children who saw their parents shot before their eyes. Any parent would be shocked as they would think of their own children in such a traumatic situation. These children will now be fully looked after by the state as its responsibility.”

“While the CTD has done a great job in fight against terrorism, everyone must be accountable before the law. As soon as JIT report comes, swift action will be taken. The govt’s priority is protection of all its citizens.”