Pakistanis slam Twitter handle for sharing picture of Sarwat Gillani, Frieha Altaf smoking

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Netizens slammed an entertainment-based Twitter handle for sharing picture of Freiha Altaf and actress Sarwat Gillani smoking, after the picture went viral on social media.

Gone are the days when you could shame women for smoking and get away with it. Last year when a picture of Mahira Khan surfaced on social media in which she was smoking with Ranbir Kapoor, the internet when crazy.

However, Pakistanis called out those who were slut-shaming Mahira and told them to mind their own business. The same thing happened again when actress Sarwat Gillani and Frieha Altaf were smoking and their picture was shared by an entertainment-based Twitter handle, Showbiz and News.

Pakistanis took a stand against the act and called out the Twitter handle for sharing their private picture.