No heads have rolled after Sahiwal massacre, laments Sherry Rehman

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KARACHI: Senator Sherry Rehman has said that extrajudicial killing should no longer be treated as a norm, lamented that no heads have rolled after yesterday’s Sahiwal incident.

The PPP expressed her views in a tweet in the aftermath of killing of four people in an alleged shootout with police in Sahiwal. Among those killed were a husband and wife and their teenage daughter.

The family, according to relatives, was traveling from Lahore to Burewala to attend a wedding. A team of CTD intercepted the decesaed’s car near Toll Plaza and shot them to death.

A CTD report claims that they were shot at first by the driver of the car, a claim which has been disputed by the victims.

The #sahiwalmassacre symbolises in the blood of innocents,the writing on the wall for all in office, from Punjab all across the federation.Extrajudicial killings should no longer be tolerated as a norm,” Ms Rehman wrote.

“Change won’t happen overnight,but so far see no resolve. No heads have rolled,” she added.