Karachi Traffic Situation

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I was on my way to office. The weather was great, the car’s tank was full, I revved the engine and embarked on my way to office. Driving in Karachi’s is nothing short of torture, from damaged roads and wrong way driving to motor cyclists wriggling their way through; it is a real struggle to commute from one place to another on a daily basis. To add insult to injury, the traffic police department has started a ludicrous new campaign – a move so bizarre that people have taken to social media. What they have done is place blockades the middle, disrupting the flow of traffic.

A Move that is Going ‘Sideways’

The blockade in the center only allows for traffic to move sideways. If this did not defy all common sense, there is a 6 ft tall commando holding an automatic rifle in his hands at every check post. I mean, seriously? The only possible explanation for such a move is the Sahiwal tragedy, that would have triggered traffic police to up their ante. Afterall, it takes the loss of lives for our government to wake up from their slumber and take action.

It has become a norm for our city to be plagued by miscreants, who in the shape of protests hold people hostage. We are not unfamiliar with sit ins by religious fanatics and right-wing extremists. People have died on the roads, women have given birth in ambulances, people have been late for their meetings, students have missed their papers, the list can go on and on. There needs to be a solution for the ever-growing traffic of Karachi – the entire system needs to be shaken.

More Traffic Problems

In every civilized nation, they have a department that oversees the sale of vehicles to the public. The department evaluates the number of cars that are rendered useless and the demand of new vehicles. This enables them to have a clear picture of the demand and supply situation. I am referring to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association.

The association is oblivious to the growing problem of traffic in the city it seems, as the vehicle count on the roads is only increasing. To make matters, some genius has instructed the traffic police to block the center of the road which is doing nothing but cause people unnecessary inconvenience. The law and order situation in Karachi has drastically improved, alright there have been some blips along the way such as the murder of a political party but overall, the crime rate has fallen. It is high time that PTI live up to their promise of emulating the example of Medina.