Judicial commission can be formed on Sahiwal killings, says PM

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ISLAMABAD: A judicial commission can also be formed to probe the Sahiwal killings and hold the perpetrators to account, said Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Wednesday.

Addressing a parliamentary meeting of the PTI, Prime Minister Khan said that he was in constant contact with authorities even in Qatar about the Sahiwal killings.

He said that the state would get to the bottom of the incident and ensure that those who were involved would be dealt with strictly.

“I assure you that the incident is being probed and its findings would be shared with the nation,” he said.

Earlier during the day, the prime minister received a 13-point summary of the JIT’s initial report into the Sahiwal killings.

Five officials of the CTD were arrested over allegations of opening fire on the Khalil family, according to the summary.

It stated that the driver of the vehicle–Zeeshan, was being investigated.

Sahiwal killings

Four people including two women were killed after officials of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) opened fire on a car, on Friday.

According to CTD officials, the dead suspects were kidnappers and had opened fire on police from inside the vehicle at Qadirabad area of Sahiwal district.

Police retaliated with fire and killed four people. There were three children were inside the car who remained unhurt.

The children were shifted to DHQ hospital for medical treatment. In their statement to the police, they contradicted the claims made by police.

The children said that their parents, aunt and driver had been killed by police. They also said that the suspects had not opened fire on police.