If DHA had its way, it would encroach into the sea: SC

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KARACHI: If the DHA had its way it would encroach into the sea and build a city there, said a senior judge of the Supreme Court, on Thursday.

A two-member bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sajjad Shah were hearing the case relating to illegal constructions in Karachi.

During the meeting, the bench remarked angrily that the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) had encroached into various parts of the city and if the authority would have its way, would do so even in the sea.

“Look at at what Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has done to the coastal strip,” remarked Justice Gulzar. “They have encroached so far into the sea, if they had their way they would build a city on the sea. The owners of DHA would encroach on the entire sea all the way to America and then plant their flags there,” he added.

He said that the owners of DHA were trying to build inroads into India.

The bench was annoyed at the officials of the KMC and cantonment board officials for not being present during the hearing.

Sindh Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah, Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalwani and Advocate General for Sindh Salman Talibuddin were present in court.

The bench ordered concerned secretaries to hold a cabinet meeting and come up with a comprehensive plan to restor Karachi according to the master plan.

The court ordered a comprehensive report containing the cabinet’s ideas on how the city can be restored to its planned shape to be submitted in two weeks.

A report was presented by the Sindh Government and officials of the KDA during the meeting which angered the judges.

“If we passed an order on the basis of this report, your entire government will be sent reeling,” said Justice Gulzar.