Going to IMF would have increased problems, says PM

PM says no other government has inherited such a huge deficit

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ISLAMABAD: Going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would have intensified our problems, no other government has faced such a huge deficit like this before, said Prime Minister Khan.

Addressing a ceremony where the prime minister was present to inaugurate the ‘Pakistan Banao Certificate’ for overseas Pakistanis, Imran Khan said that going to the IMF would have been the easier option.

“No other government has inherited such a huge deficit ever,” he said. “The balance of payment crisis is not over.”

Prime Minister Khan admitted that when his party was not in power, they were aware of how the situation was grim.

“However, when we got elected and formed our government did we truly understand how bad the state of affairs were,” he said.

However, he said that ever since he became the prime minister, he realized the potential Pakistan had for tourism. He said that the country could tap into historical tourism as well to improve the current account deficit situation.

“We have a lot of potential for religious and historical tourism. For the promotion of tourism, we have even introduced e-visas. With revenue through tourism we can balance our current account deficit,” he said.

The prime minister praised overseas Pakistanis and said that they had always come to Pakistan’s aid whenever the country faced a national crisis.

He said that almost 85% of Pakistan’s remittances were by overseas Pakistanis and his government was committed to making this process easier for them.

“The Pakistan Banao Scheme will not only uplift Pakistan but also generate profits for our overseas Pakistanis,” he added.