Bee-swarm attack holds up an India vs England ODI, injures the audience

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Panic gripped as a bee-swarm attack injured the audience during a cricket match in Kerala, holding up the fourth ODI match between India vs England for 15 minutes.

Footage of the turmoil is circulating on the social media as spectators rushed here and there to escape the massive bees attack while some managed to bat away the bees with clothes and make way to the exit.

People injured in the process were immediately moved to the hospital. However, no players were injured as the bees didn’t enter the ground.

The attack had taken place during the 28th over of the match, which was being held at Green Field International Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram,

The match resumed after the crowd was shifted from west side of the stadium to the east side.

The Chief Operating Officer of Sports Faculties Ltd told a daily, “It was an unfortunate incident. We had ensured that the gallery where the spectators who sit for watching the match was cleaned ahead of the match. But it were some spectators who went upstairs where they were not supposed to go in the normal circumstances and stirred the hive unknowingly or mischievously.”