ARY journalist gets called out for asking unethical questions from Sahiwal victim

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ARY journalist Arif Bhatti got called out on Twitter and other social media platforms after he asked unethical questions from a victim of the Sahiwal massacre.

Arif Bhatti was interviewing the child of the man who was alleged shot in cold blood by CTD officials a couple of days ago.

“Beta, abu milay ap se aj? Kahan gaye abu ap ke?” (Child, did your father meet you today? Where has he gone?)

To which she replied replied:-

“Aj nahi milay abu. Vo foth hogaye,” she replied. (He did not meet me today, he has passed away).

The video clip started doing the rounds on social media. Twitterati called out Arif Bhatti’s unprofessional and insensitive questioning of the child who had undergone the trauma of losing his parents in the Sahiwal shootout.