Are we about to witness a Sham Idrees-Zaid Ali feud?

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Social media stars Sham and Froggy have reached far with their relationship prank videos and have been paying no heed to criticism.

The social media couple pulled numerous marriage pranks before finally getting married to each other this year.

While fans were assuming what their next content could be on, Froggy poked fun with an after-marriage prank which eventually had another Canadian Youtuber Zaid Ali on a meltdown.

Zaid Ali, who makes money out of humorous videos, expressed annoyance over the selection of content that has been trending despite a range of other talents in the market.

“I am fed up of this. How long is this going to go on for? Is this the type of content we have came down to? We have such talented content creators in Pakistan.. yet this is the type of content which is trending. I have no words,” the vlogger tweeted on Sunday.

Pakistani vlogger Furqan Shayk also pooled in his opinion criticizing Zaid’s tweet.

“I don’t need to say anything, Zaid himself knows who he is from inside, sham knows who is he from inside, such cheap thrills are part of their personalities. Zaid is doing nothing but taking personal grudges out at Sham.”

However, Sham Idrees is yet to respond to the tweets.