Aamir Khan sets these conditions on launching his son in Bollywood

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Aamir Khan has set a high bar for his son and the 26-year-old theatre actor wouldn’t dawn on Bollywood until he passes a screen test to prove he is worthy of the particular role.

“We are looking for Junaid. I’ve seen his work and I’m quite happy with it. When we will get the right kind of story… I believe in screen tests so he has to pass the test. If he does a good test, he’ll be in the film. If not, he won’t be,” Aamir said on launching his son in the entertainment industry.

“He has trained as an actor. He did two years of training and theatre in American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA and then he did plays for one year there. He has been in theatre for three years now,” Aamir introduced during a promotional event for his upcoming production Rubaru Roshni.

Aamir said he expects his son to follow the same pattern as his and qualify for strong characters rather than being the hero.

“I would like to see him as a lead actor who plays characters because I’ve always believed in that. You should always be playing characters and not hero. There’s a difference,” an Indian agency PTI quoted the actor.

Shedding light on his own experiences, the Thugs of Hindostan star expressed his pride over the roles he has covered in his acting career.

“I’ve always felt happy that whenever my films come out, people call me by my characters name. That tells me my work has really hit home,” he added.

Rubaru Roshni, directed by Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal, chronicles three real-life story of grief and forgiveness.