2000 -Rise of the Keyboard Warriors

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Over the course of history, there have been certain groups of people that have risen up, revolted and been the catalysts for change. People who were imbued with an unflinching spirit to struggle for the collective good of their society. The names of such individuals are inscribed in gold for us and posterity to reflect. We have read about them in books and over the internet, and drawn inspiration from them.

Not so long ago, another group vowing to change the face of Earth has emerged; a group so powerful that they sit behind a computer screen to achieve anonymity.

Epoch of the Keyboard Warriors

The emergence of the internet, more specifically, social media, has enabled people to be expressive in ways never before fathomed. Now, everyone who is computer literate can make their voice count and potentially influence the decision making of others.

As we all know too well, freedom in the hands of fools is never a good thing and unfortunately, social media is serving as an outlet; a breeding ground of sorts for fundamentalists, propagandists, hate mongers and sociopaths to push their agenda.

Freedom of expression is the universal right of every human being; however, it should not serve as a cloak to disparage the values of others. A vast majority of the people get away with their shenanigans on the internet just because we do not have well defined laws to hold individuals accountable.

We frequently observe perverts and lowlifes pushing others over the edge; they are apathetic and enjoy reveling in the suffering of others. The problem here is that their virtual presence and anonymity shelters them from the repercussions of their actions.

The Internet is a Volatile Place – Cyber Bullying and Pseudo Intellectuals
The internet is controlling us; our strings are pulled by its vast landscapes that embody the worst traits of humans. From suicide glorification and misogynism to crimes of greater magnitude – the internet is a very volatile place.

Statistics are scant, but It is believed that 1 in every 5 teenagers are bullied on social media which leads to all sorts of psychological issues, such as low self-esteem, poor coping mechanisms, and inadequate social skills.

I think hate and envy are natural born instincts found in us humans. The ‘7 Deadly Sins’ are embedded in our system from birth. We suppress these emotions because we fear for our lives but our true colors are exposed on the internet, where let’s face it, there are no rules.

The internet has also become a place for crass, obnoxious and utterly wasteful people to boast about their intelligence. They share pseudo-science quotes and cite sayings of influential people, without adhering to the values those individuals preached in the first place. Here is a link to a study which says people seeking validation by sharing ‘’motivational quotes’’ are downright dumb:

Lastly, I would like to touch upon the fact that the internet is growing on us daily, and we have allowed it to manipulate us. The number of likes on our photos, the frequency of our post shares has become determining factors to social status. If this does not send shockwaves to you, I do not know what will.

China is already on brink of introducing its notorious ‘Social Credit System’, which is poised to change the way we look at society forever. Look no further than this episode from the show called Black Mirror, which expounds on the grave side effects of internet addiction. The episode is called ‘Nosedive’.