100,000kg human hair exported to China

Hair demand increasing due to fashion trends

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ISLAMABAD: Around 100,000 kg of human hair was exported to China over the last five years, this was informed to National Assembly yesterday.

Ministry of Commerce and Textile informed the House that 105,461kg of human hair, amounting to $132,000 was exported to China.

As per the entire break up it was revealed that in 2013-14 83,901kg of hair was exported, 13,150kg was exported in 2014-15, 1,410kg in 2015-16 and 7,000kg in 2017-18.

Prominent beautician Mr.Chauhan said that exporters have placed bins in respective hair salons and purchase price for hair has been set at an average rate of Rs5,000 per kg.

It is important to mention here that at present there is extremely huge demand of human hair in China as Chinese make-up industry is booming with each passing day.

On the other side, with the emerging trend for having wigs of different categories in order to fulfill fashion requirements, the level of hair exports has exorbitantly gone up.