Those with 3-year tenures cannot make decisions for the nation: Zardari

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HYDERABAD: President PPPP Asif Ali Zardari said on Saturday that those with three-year tenures could not make decisions for the nation, rather the parliament was supreme.

“It is not for them to make the decisions—rather the parliament is tasked with deciding important issues affecting Pakistan,” he said during a speech at Village Karan Khan Shoro in Hyderabad.

Zardari hit out at the government and said that they could not achieve anything substantial during their 100 days in power. He said that PPP’s government had fared far better than the incumbent administration during its first 100 days.

“Let me remind them what we were able to achieve during our first 100 days,” he said. “We were able to kick out Musharraf. We retook Swat from the extremists and gave people the BB card,” he added.

Without taking anyone’s name, the former president said that there were 900,000 cases pending in courts which needed attention.

“You should look into these cases,” he said. “You have no future, why do you decide about the future of things?”

Again, without taking any names, the former president said that some forces needed to stop playing with Pakistan. He said that he had warned some people not to play with Pakistan when Nawaz Sharif was brought to power in 2013.

“I told them that they should stop playing with Pakistan,” he said. “First they brought him (Nawaz) then fought with him and now have brought someone else,” he added.

Zardari said that those who were brought to power could never solve the problems of the nation. He said that PPP’s government would solve the problems of the nation.

“How can you attract foreign investors when your own business community is not happy? PPP’s government will allow industries to grow in Pakistan. I don’t need foreign investment—I will empower our own stock exchange and businessmen,” he added.

He lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that a good cricketer is not necessarily an impressive politician.

“I can’t claim that just because I’m a good politician that I’m also an impressive cricketer. I’m not good at cricket,” he added.

Zardari also took aim at former president General (r) Pervez Muharraf by saying that the military dictator was not relevant anymore.

“I want him (Musharraf) to live and see how the flowers of Benazir Bhutto have blossomed,” he said. “You tried to stop Benazir with bombs and everything at your disposal. While no one even cares about you in Dubai, every year there are thousands of her admirers who walk to her grave in Gari Khuda Bakhsh,” he added.