Pakistan hosting talks between the Taliban and Afghan govt on Dec 17: PM

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PESHAWAR: Pakistan will host talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan government on August 17, said Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday.

The prime minister was addressing an event in Peshawar about Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s 100-day performance.

“The America that used to tell us to ‘do more’ is now requesting us to broker a peace deal in Afghanistan,” he said as attendees clapped. “We enabled talks between the USA and Afghanistan.”
Prime Minister Khan said that Pakistan was hosting talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan government on August 17.

“When I used to tell people that the war in Afghanistan cannot be solved without dialogue, they used to call me ‘Taliban Khan’,” he said. “Now, thanks to Allah, we are moving forward through dialogue.”

The prime minister praised the performance of the KP government and said that the residents of the province never elect a political party twice in a row.

“However, they elected us twice because the people were satisfied with our performance,” he said.
Imran Khan spoke about the homeless people and said that he was extremely happy that the chief minister had called him to inaugurate the shelter for homeless people.

“Previous governments did nothing to improve the lifestyle of the poor,” he said. “In our shelters, the homeless will also be fed and provided with a roof over their heads. This shows that we fear Allah and care for the poor,” he added to thunderous applause.

During his speech, the prime minister also cautioned his ministers about neglecting their duties.
“Ministers should go to their offices and stay till the evening,” he said. “You have been entrusted with a huge responsibility–to perform for the people of Pakistan,” he added.

The prime minister said that ministers should think before they leave their offices as to whether they did something good for the poor or not.

“People should stop asking me why they weren’t appointed ministers,” he said.

He pointed to a provincial minister and urged him to fire any official working for him if he did not perform.

“If you give the excuse to the masses that officials under you were not obeying you then they will beat you with sticks,” he said, as the audience roared with laughter. “Performing is your job. If someone is hindering you from doing it, fire him/her.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that merging KP with FATA was a difficult task yet his government was determined to do it.

He tasked the chief minister to provide a road map of the development for FATA.