Seven PML-N leaders asked me for NRO, says Murad Saeed

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Communications and PTI leader Murad Saeed said on Wednesday that seven leaders of the PML-N had approached him to seek an NRO but he had declined.

Murad Saeed was speaking on the floor of the National Assembly when opposiiton members started protesting.

“I am bringing an excellent declaration which will state that those who looted the nation, they should be hanged at D-Chowk,” he said. “Their assets should be auctioned as well,” he added as applause was heard from the treasury benches.

When opposition members started inquiring about Aleem Khan’s Dubai property, Murad Saeed said that the prime minister’s sister will be held accountable.

He surprised everyone by stating that seven PML-N leaders had approached him for an NRO. When asked to name them, he said that one of them was present in the parliament right now.

He lamented that whenever elected members of the parliament were held accountable, the opposition had only one thing to say.

“They talk about charges being brought up against the corrupt and criticize the government,” he said. “We are making effective laws which will guarantee that the government protects the taxpayers’ money.”

He claimed that the government had recovered a whopping Rs460 million from the government’s projects initiated under the PML-N.

“Shahid Khaqan Abbasi claims that no mega corruption scandals took place during their term. What about Metro, Saaf Pani and Asiana cases? Are they not related to mega corruption?”