What Aamir Liaquat, Sanam Baloch did was disgusting

Washing one's dirty laundry on national TV should never be condoned

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Marriage is a private and personal matter. It is for that very reason that I disliked how Aamir Liaquat was trashing his first wife, Bushra Aamir, on Sanam Baloch’s morning show.

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Let’s be honest about one thing—morning shows are mostly trash. Most recently we saw how a morning show host caused a furore on social media when she encouraged a little boy of no more than five-years-old to misbehave on national TV.

So here’s what happened when Aamir Liaquat showed up on Sanam Baloch’s morning show with his second wife, Syeda Tuba Aamir. Towards the end of the show, Sanam Baloch asked Aamir the most inappropriate question—why didn’t Aamir’s first wife approve of his second marriage to Tuba despite knowing it was permissible in Islam?

We’ll get to the reply later and how petty it was. First of all, who in the blue hell, is Sanam Baloch to broach that subject? Towards the beginning of the show when she was hosting Aamir and his second wife, the atmosphere was kept festive There were balloons, laughter and both Sanam and Aamir playfully flirting with each other (yes, with Tuba sitting right in front of them both).

Not long ago, Sanam Baloch’s own marriage hit the rocks. And when someone inquired about it from her during a Facebook live session, she told that person point-blank that “Stars are public property but that does not mean that we have to answer personal questions about ourselves.”

What the hell, lady? Why did you ask him that question then? Despite being a woman, have you no shame or regard for how Aamir Liaquat’s wife must have felt when she heard that question and his response?

Also, why start the question off by bringing Bushra Aamir’s understanding of religion into it? Who have Sanam Baloch the right to be the moral police here? Should we use the microscope of religion to judge each and every move of Sanam Baloch?

Okay—so now let’s get to what Aamir Liaquat (who so lovingly is referred to as Panther by Tuba) had to say.

“You gave the answer in your question Sanam—she did not study religion,” he said. “She did not study religion to understand it. Keeping up appearances or studying religion for the sake of attaining a degree is not how you understand it,” he added, taking an indirect shot at his first wife.

Aamir Liaquat has been bashed so many times that I think it is pointless to criticize him. He doesn’t care and will go on with his antics. But this HAS to be a new low for the guy. I mean, how can you trash your first wife on national TV—especially when she’s the one in mourning and not you? A better response would have been to shut up Sanam Baloch with a curt reply then and there.

Aamir also went on to say that he was taking care of the expenses of both households and would continue to do so. He hinted towards his first wife causing the problems by saying that ‘Children don’t come onto Twitter by themselves—they are brought there.”

It’s really tragic how the two went about the whole episode. I think it was highly irresponsible of the morning show host to put forth such questions to Aamir Liaquat. Aamir Liaquat should have chosen his words wisely as well. It is important to condemn such irrational and disgusting behaviour so that in the future, morning show hosts refrain from committing such absurdities.