My conscience is clear, never misused powers: Nawaz Sharif

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ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that his conscience was clear as he had never misused his powers nor committed corruption.

The former prime minister was speaking to reporters and journalists inside the courtroom after he was sentenced to seven years in prison in the Al-Azizia steel mills reference.

Nawaz said that he had never misused his powers even once.

“My conscience is clear as I never did corruption,” he added. “All praise to Almighty, that I never did any corruption.”

Nawaz Sharif was convicted by the court in the Al-Azizia steel mills reference while he was acquitted in the Flagship Investment reference.

An accountability court also handed the former prime minister a fine of Rs1.5 billion

Judge Arshad Malik ruled that Nawaz Sharif had failed to submit money trail in Al-Azizai steel mills case.

Nawaz Sharif himself was present in the courtroom as the judge handed down the sentence. The former three-time prime minister has been arrested. He will be moved to Adiala jail in an armored vehicle.

The former prime minister was taken into custody from inside the courtroom and will be shifted to Kot Lakpat jail.