Muslims do not enjoy equal rights in India, says PM Imran

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ISLAMABAD: Indian Muslims do not enjoy equal rights in the country, looking at their condition, I understand why Pakistan was created, said Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday.

“Now that I look at the conditions of Muslims, I understand why our leaders struggled for a separate Muslim country,” he said while speaking to students from Balochistan during an event.

Regarding the War on Terror, Prime Minister Khan said that he had been opposed to the War on Terror since day one. He also took a jab at US President Donald Trump.

“Those who were telling us to ‘do more’ in the past are now seeking our help for a political settlement in Afghanistan,” he said.

The prime minister’s statement comes a few hours after his interview to The Washington Post in which he said that Pakistan was no longer ‘a hired gun’ of the USA. He also categorically said that Pakistan would no longer fight wars started by the United States.

In the interview, he had shrugged off his ‘Twitter war’ with American President Donald Trump and instead said that it was just a reply to the American claims that there were sanctuaries for terrorists in Pakistan.

“We’ve asked them (Americans) time and again to identify where the sanctuaries are but they have been unable to do so,” he was quoted as saying.