Govt announces Sin Tax— here’s how Twitter reacted…

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The federal government announced a sin tax in its move to discourage smoking which has drawn massive controversy over social media.

The directives came from Federal Minister Health Services Aamer Mehmood Khan on Tuesday that a sin-tax on tobacco products will come into effect.

“We are sending a sin tax bill in the National Assembly in which taxes would be imposed on cigarettes and tobacco products,” Khan said while addressing the Annual Public Health Conference.

However, social media is questioning the selection of words for the tobacco tax and terming it offensive, while others just poking fun at it.

An other user took the name in lighter vein and wrote “”I have been committing this #Gunnah for a very long time now, please add a phrase of forgiveness in the bill, will you?

Some lauded the initiative with high hopes or tried to add sense into the situation.