Bollywood star Ajay Devgn calls to end plastic pollution

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Like many other celebrities around the globe, bollywood known actor Ajay Devgn is another one who has taken a step to unearth the plastic pollution by creating awareness with an intent to keep the planet clean.

It can be rightly said that plastic pollution issue exists in many other parts of the world and the time is here now to get rid of it with the ultimate objective of making the entire environment clean and green.

Now, celebrities in Pakistan needs to follow the same foot steps as Bollywood actor has taken up for creating awareness among the public at large related to this plastic pollution issue.

Devgn on his Twitter handle post today stressed light on the issue of plastic pollution and informed his fans that there are around five trillion prices of plastic in oceans.

He further said in his post elaborating how big a trillion is. “That is 5 followed by 12 zeroes,” he wrote.

The actor also said that these plastic pieces are enough to cricle the planet earth over 400 times.

Moreover, he had also used the hashtags related to Recycleplastic and beatplasticpollution in his tweet.