10 times Pakistani celebs drove the internet crazy in 2018

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Pakistani celebrities did a lot in 2018 that spawned headlines, generated praise and even controversy. Here are 10 instances or times that our celebs broke the internet or drove it crazy:

1. When Aamir bhai tied the knot and spoke against his first wife on national TV
This year was good for the PTI MNA. Not only did he win from PTI’s ticket, he also married a second time. However, his first wife wasn’t happy about it and that news grabbed headlines.

Aamir bhai, instead of diffusing the situation by keeping mum, trashed his first wife on Sanam Baloch’s morning show. Yikes.

2. When Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment

Okay, perhaps this should have been number one instead of Mr and Mrs Panther.

3. When Mahira avoided Javed

Yeah, this certainly was awkward. It broke the internet too when Mahira awkwardly swerved away as Sheikh sahab leaned in to kiss her cheek after she won an award. Oh well. Life went on.

4. Ko Ko Korina

Okay, we will never forget these two for destroying one of the greatest songs of all time. However, after Momina and Ahad’s duet backfired, the two went on a rampage on social media, defending the song against criticism from Shireen Mazari (bad move).
Should’ve kept your mouths shut, guys.

5. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s never-ending wedding

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s wedding festivities irked a lot of us. It lasted longer than the much-dreaded winter of Game of Thrones. Well, in the end, they did tie the knot.
And now, we’re suiffering from their never-ending honeymoon vacation…

6. Mathira’s Kiki challenge

Everything that Mathira does turns into controversy. She did the Kiki challenge and yes, it broke the internet.

7. When Rabi Peerzada claimed she had been harassed by women

YEAH. She actually said that.

8. When in Rome… or perhaps Britain, for Ahsan Khan

Yeah. This guy actually tried to pull off a British accent. How unoriginal, horrible and even creepy to an extent…

9. When Jibran Nasir became the victim of VIP culture

Jibran Nasir is also a celebrity and we love it when he highlights important issues.

10. When Hira Mani said she cheated on her fiance at the time with Mani and stole him from her best friend